Monday, November 18, 2013

Kitchen Backsplash Subway Glass Tile

3x6 Bottle Green Glass Tile
 Finding it extremely difficult to find the perfect Kitchen Backsplash? Cant decide what material to use? Glass, Stone, Ceramic? An option to consider is glass subway tile. Not only does the subway tile come in 3x6 you can also use more unique size options like, 2x4, 2x12, 2x6, 4x12, and 4x16. The 3x6 is still the most popular size and offers the most colors, it has a classic look and a timeless design.

As far as styles go the traditional look is the solid color, but now you can get different looks like the picture above has the lines going through it. Also with the longer subway format it will open the room up because there will be less grout lines. Some basic pattern options consist of offset, laying them in thirds, or a straight stack pattern. Here are some different size option pictures of the subway tile.
 3x6 Glass Subway Series - Teal Blue      Bellavita Bamboo Planks - Snow

Azzio Glass - Crystile 4x12 - Tan      4x16 Glass Subway Tile - Teal Blue


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